Joining World EXPRESS Market gives you the opportunity to focus on the most important aspect of your business, our customers. You get a brand focused on becoming nationally recognized, established national and global vendor relationships, a consistent message focused on “Quick, Clean, and Friendly”, and a store layout designed to offer your customers the products that they want.



Your current site may qualify to be converted to a World EXPRESS Market c-store location. When approved our staff will re-design the interior of you location, indicate changes that are necessary for the exterior, and prepare you and your team for the Grand Opening of your site.

World EXPRESS Market can offer a variety of services that can facilitate the process of selecting and building your store.


• We provide templates and standards for building design, site layout, exterior & interior signage, and we work with your fuel brand to ensure brand identity and compliance.

• We assist with finding your local architectural firms and project management firms.

• We have a partnership with an established architect that can be utilized, if desired.

• We provide standard site development and an estimated construction budget based on the site that you select. (An estimate may not include all possible issues that may arise)


• We provide standard construction specifications and project checklist

• We follow-up with your general contractor

• We mandate periodic site inspections by you and your team

OPERATIONAL SUPPORT (Existing location)

We provide operational support services to re-design the interior of your location with minimal customer inconvenience and get you up and running as a World EXPRESS Market smoothly and keep you going day- in and day-out.


World EXPRESS Market works with all of the local food vendors to get your location stocked, assist with hiring and interviewing key personnel, and work with all equipment vendors to ensure proper delivery and time tables are met.


World EXPRESS Market offers our franchisees to our in-house graphic designer and marketing staff. Our staff is here to assist with all of your local marketing concepts and help you maximize your marketing budget to increase your stores revenues.

World EXPRESS Market work with vendors to provide regional pricing; rather than a national program that may work for some franchisees but hurt other franchisees that have a higher cost than their peers.


World EXPRESS Market supplies; in print and available online, you with the following manuals:

Operations ManualAdvertising ManualEmployee ManualSafety ManualHuman Resources GuideLoss Prevention Guide



World EXPRESS Market works with our established vendors to offer the 1st-to-shelf program; which puts all new items into our stores before, or at the identical time, as our competitors. This partnership with our vendors shows their commitment to us and our commitment to our customers. We strive to provide a vast product selection of past favorites and new soon-to-be favorites.


We have established vendor merchandising programs that give you an advantage in your respective market. World EXPRESS Market will supply your stores layout and schematics; along with new schematics for when new items are brought into your location. Our program ensures for a smooth transition for new and discontinued items and enables all employees to place items where they belong and focused on a clean image and customer satisfaction.


World EXPRESS Market has worked with national brands to establish private label products, such as: bagged Candy, Soda, Water, Paper goods, etc… Our Cold River Fountain program and our Premium Coffee brands are designed to compete at the highest level of customer satisfaction.



If you are new to the convenience store world, you will experience all aspects of convenience store duties by doing all tasks that store employees and store management perform each day. You will spend a minimum of three days working in an actual convenience store to ensure you have an understanding of what it takes to operate the customer side of the business.


World EXPRESS Market offers all of their training online. Employees watch videos, read manuals, and take their tests, completely online. Testing are taken and graded online instantly. Employee grades are emailed to the franchisee and to our corporate office. Employees must successfully pass all training modules before they can do any tasks that involve customer interaction.

Some examples: Customer SatisfactionCashier Best PracticesDaily StandardsWork SafetyEthicsSexual HarassmentHazardous MaterialsFuel Spill Clean-up PolicyAlcohol and Tobacco PolicyETC…

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